World Mission


In Habakkuk 1:5, the Lord says, “Look among the nations! Observe! Be astonished! Wonder! Because I am doing something in your day, you would not believe if you were told.”



God is always working to extend the message of His salvation to the ends of the earth. Graciously, He has allowed Fitzroy to participate with Him in this mission. This church has been a solid presence in overseas mission for years, and now it is expanding its reach into new areas around the world and providing new ways for the Fitzroy family to get involved.



Prayer for our overseas members and financial giving to mission work is strongly encouraged, and from time to time there are opportunities to do short term mission work. We have a mission support team and a One World Group. The policies of the mission support team can be found here



Fitzroy Members around the World

Fitzroy has a number of members who are serving across the world. Click on the country/city to find out more

London - Carol McFarland

South Africa - Alan & Sheena Gaston




One World Group


Through four Bread and Cheese lunches over 10,000 pounds is raised annually for the work of Christian Aid and Tear Fund. Some of this money will also be channelled through other Third World projects. Collectors in Fitzroy raise almost 20,000 pounds annually during Christian Aid Week.  At the other end of the scale, we occasionally have fundraising gastronomic evenings.


Many Fitzroy people offer hospitality to visiting guests from developing countries.  Campaigning and social justice issues are brought to our attention during special services and third world lunches.


Fair Trade


Fitzroy is designated a Fair Trade Church, offering fair-trade tea, coffee and biscuits at congregational gatherings. In addition we ran a fair trade stall in Fitzroy for 8 years. The purpose of this was to raise our level of awareness of the injustice of the world’s trade systems that deliver much of the food and clothing we regularly purchase. The stall allowed us to play a small part in helping communities who are suffering because of these policies, to get a fair and dependable price for the goods they produce, thus enabling them to start to break out of the poverty trap they are in by virtue of where they have been born.

Now that all the major supermarket chains have begun to embrace the principles of trade justice most of the goods we sold and more besides bare available in the main street stores. So where you see fair trade commodities in your local supermarkets, buy them.



About the Presbyterian Church in Ireland Board of Mission Overseas

Proclaiming Christ and His Universal Reign - partnering in mission around the world


The Board of Mission Overseas (BMO) administers the overseas mission work of PCI. With mission regarded as an integral part of the Church's life, the BMO draws together representatives from Presbyteries,  Presbyterian Women (PWA) and Youth in order to inform and involve as many people as possible in this important work.



God Calls Us to Mission...

... as witnesses to Christ, through both evangelism and social witness, challenging the values of the world in which we live with the values of God's kingdom, and winning men and women to faith and discipleship.

The BMO seeks to maintain and develop appropriate relationships with PCI's partners in mission around the world. It also oversees the selection of all PCI's missionaries; confirming their call; providing appropriate training and preparation; and allocating them to their places and spheres of work.



Financial estimates are prepared annually for submission to the United Appeal Board with all funds received by the BMO being administered in the interests of the work of mission outside Ireland. In addition, the funding of this work is supplemented by generous 'extra mile' giving by congregations, organisations and individuals. The BMO also receives significant grants from Irish Aid for approved overseas development projects.



The BMO provides information and organises events which help to keep members of PCI informed about the mission opportunities and needs overseas, and how they can both support, and be directly involved in, God's mission to the world. Members of staff are on hand to handle questions about service overseas and to meet with individuals or groups to give help and guidance. Training and advice is also available for those planning to engage in short-term mission projects overseas.



Through bodies such as the Mission Agencies Partnership (MAP) – a local association of church-based and independent mission agencies – Global Connections (formerly the Evangelical Missionary Alliance) and Global Mission Network (formerly the Churches' Commission on Mission), the BMO seeks to maintain a network of contacts with those involved in world mission and to keep up to date with developing trends in mission participation around the globe.



BMO's Vision, Purpose and Values

The BMO's vision for the future is to serve a mission-hearted church. It is one thing to be mission-minded, but we also need to be enlivened in our hearts with a passion for mission, that we might fulfil effectively our purpose which is to proclaim Christ and His universal reign. In the BMO we believe that mission is not just one of the Church's activities, but is at the heart of all its activities; indeed mission is fundamental to its very existence.



We aim to pursue our purpose in the future by upholding values that have become important distinctives for our Church in mission overseas down through the years.


In this regard, we are eager to be:




Desiring to glorify the Father, to fix our gaze upon His Son, Jesus Christ, and to be led by the Holy Spirit in all we are and do




Because God more often than not, reaches people through people, and ultimately direct personal missional encounter is crucial




With a commitment to the building up, in the first instance, of church to church partnerships for mutual encouragement, challenge, witness and ministry



Trusting for discernment to recognise and creatively respond to new God-given opportunities, and developing new spheres and methods of service



Partnering in Mission


Partnership in the Gospel...

... "I thank God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ."

Philippians 1:3-6


In line with its core values of being 'church-based' and 'people-focused', the BMO works in partnership with churches, mission agencies and institutions worldwide, proclaiming the Gospel in word and action, both directly (through personnel) and indirectly (mainly through financial grants).



In practice, this means working alongside our mission partners in a variety of ways, including in evangelism, church planting, theological and Bible training (particularly for leaders), medical and health work, education, development and social witness.



In July 2007, the BMO had 46 missionaries working in 11 countries; and around 30 mission partners in 24 countries on four continents.



Have Questions About World Missions?


If you have questions or would like more information, including opportunities to donate to any project, call the office on 028 9031 9710 or contact us online.