Youth and Children & Fitzroy

We exist to REACH young people with the life changing love of Jesus, CONNECT them with others in meaningful relationships, encourage them to GROW towards spiritual maturity and EQUIP them to serve God and others.


Our environment is structured so young people’s passions and interests are reflected. This happens through creative arts, worship, discussion, small group activities and our leaders and members of our church community sharing how God shows up in the ordinariness of their lives. 


We believe that the Bible is first and foremost about God; the other characters in the Bible merely point to God.  In our programmes and curriculum, we have attempted to exalt God and show Him as a great and almighty God.  In every topic, Scripture is studied in the context of the question, “what does this say about God?” 
Throughout our programmes our aim is to provide young people with a foundation of who Christ is, how He works in their lives, and how they should respond to Him. We plan activities for young people that are often experiential and designed to stimulate discussion and interaction.  At Evolve we provide Talk Sheets that include take-home materials to encourage and equip young people to think more about the topic, during the week.