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You may simply be curious, or you may be struggling hard over what you believe. Whatever your situation, we offer a safe place to express doubts, ask questions, and find answers.

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Purpose Statement



Fitzroy exists


   to celebrate God's goodness
   in our worship
   and to express God's love
   through our lives
   by introducing people to Jesus Christ,
   integrating them into His Church,
   educating them
   in a Christlike lifestyle,
   and enabling them to participate in
   Christ's mission today.


Fitzroy’s Aims


In Fitzroy we are seeking to be:
   A community of faith
   whose life centres on the worship of God,
   the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

A place where
   the message of Christ is proclaimed faithfully,
   explored through group study
   and expressed through positive Christian living.

A place where
   people can encounter Christ
   as the One who renews our lives
   by rekindling the flames of love, faith, and service of others.

A sign of hope
   in a divided community
   where those separated for centuries by fear and bitterness
   can experience the reconciling power and new friendship
   which Jesus brings.

A Christian family
   committed to the mission of Jesus Christ today
   as expressed primarily through the witness
   of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland
   at home and overseas.


General Principles



The Code


Every Presbyterian congregation in Ireland is protected and governed by “The Code”.
A copy of this Constitution is available as a pdf document. Click here.


About Being a Presbyterian...


Price 50p +p&p
Available through the Communications office
This popular handbook is for use by Sunday Schools, Bible Classes, Youth Fellowships, Youth Organisations, PWAs, the wider membership of our Church and beyond and will hopefully continue to meet the needs of those who are looking for a brief summary of the history and beliefs of Presbyterians.