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Fitzroy exists to celebrate God's goodness in our worship and to express God's love through our lives by introducing people to Jesus Christ, integrating them into His Church, educating them in a Christlike lifestyle, and enabling them to participate in Christ's mission today.

Our history dates back to 1813. We were one of the earliest Presbyterian Church in Ireland congregations established in Belfast. Since 1874 we have been located in the University area of the city.  We are an evangelical church with a strong desire to bring the whole gospel in word and deed to the whole world. We are well known for our work in the areas of justice and reconciliation. About 350 people worship at Fitzroy each Sunday.

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    ::: This Sunday at 11am :::


21st April
Resurrection Sunday Celebration
with Rev Steve Stockman

    ::: This Sunday at 7pm :::


Friday 19th April @ 7.30pm
Good Friday Communion
Rev Steve Stockman

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