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In our Christian worship, the preaching of the Word of God is central, in a setting of prayer and praise.

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2020 01 19 pm: Global Challenges - Environment (download)
In the last of the current series, David explores some of the thinking of Christian writers over the centuries concerning the environment, and poses a few challenging thoughts to today's followers of Jesus.
Prof David Livingstone, 19/01/2020
2020 01 19 am: Come and see (download)
Steve help us look about seeing and how the born again see differently. See everything differently. He uses examples from Friday evening's 4 Corners Festival event inside a prison. Seeing the criminal and the reasons for their crime as well as their precious humanity and potential for redemption is as difficult combination of things to see differently as any
Rev Steve Stockman, 19/01/2020
2020 01 12 pm: Global Challenges - Bioethics (download)
Stephen Williams discusses some of the ways to approach the many bioethical issues that face the modern Christian
Prof Stephen Williams, 12/01/2020
2020 01 12 am: Make me an Instrument (download)
Steve talks about getting a good balance between our relatinoship with God and those with our neighbours.
Rev Steve Stockman, 12/01/2020
2020 01 05 am: Surmising the new year.mp3 (download)
Steve helps us prepare us for another year with some passion, compassion and reality. Expect a few of the Stockman Bingo phrases to appear - BEING WITH, THE NEXT STEP, CLOSE ENOUGH TO WHISPER... and the songs in Frozen 2 will help us along!
Rev Steve Stockman, 12/01/2020
2019 12 29 am: Two stars and a Wish.mp3 (download)
Cheryl talks us through the concept of two stars and a wish
Rev Cheryl Meban, 29/12/2019
2019 12 25 am: Frozen (download)
Paul unpacks the lessons that Disneys Frozen can teach us
Paul Lutton, 25/12/2019
2019 12 22 am: The Gift of Christmas.mp3 (download)
Steve helped us look at God's gift at Christmas asking whether we have rejected, left it on the shelf or opened it to enjoy!
Rev Steve Stockman, 22/12/2019
2019 12 15 pm: Global Challenges - Artificial Intelligence (download)
Prof. Stephen Williams talks about some of the issues facing Christians in the field of artificial intelligence
Prof Stephen Williams, 15/12/2019
2019 12 15 am: What the Manger Scene Tells Us about God, Love and Me (download)
As we hear of the angel's visitation to Mary in Luke's Gospel, Steve talks of the deep richness of God's love in you and me, aided by songs from Dave and Erin Thompson
Rev Steve Stockman, 15/12/2019

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