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STS was formed in 2010 by Colin Sims, a Fitzroy member serving with Latin Link in Argentina since 1993. The objective of the mission charity is to promote biblical learning and training in the Patagonia region of southern Argentina, a region which has little in terms of Christian resources and which faces many economic and social challenges.
sts-pabloFrom 2012 STS has been based in San Martín de los Andes, running workshops on biblical and social themes as well as providing Inductive Bible Study groups to help equip individuals to read and study Scripture for themselves. Working in an environment where educational attainment is, in comparison to the UK, low, job security almost non-existent, and a trained Christian leadership rare, we have sought to adapt to an environment where the prosperity gospel has flourished (reflecting people’s desire to move out of poverty) and an image of a distant God as judge and been fostered and is commonplace.
An emphasis on “experience” rather than study and an almost magical view of faith and spirituality has made establishing and encouraging bible study difficult, yet there is a constant flow of people who come to STS events and, for those who have stayed, who have found in their study of scripture a life-changing dynamic in their relationship with God.
God is working in San Martín and beyond and we would ask you to consider remembering this work in prayer. You can sign up for monthly prayer updates & quarterly newsletters by emailing or visiting the website for the latest newsletter.

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