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Peace and Reconciliation

Ireland has been characterised for a long time by its violent history. The church has been called to peacemaking “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”

Fitzroy has been at the forefront of reconciliation and peacemaking in Ireland for many years.


Fitzroy-Clonard Fellowship


The Fellowship was established in 1981 as a result of a friendship between Rev Ken Newell and Fr Christopher McCarthy of Clonard Monastery in West Belfast. Gerry and Ken received the Pax Christi International Peace Award in 1999 on behalf of the Fitzroy - Clonard Fellowship for 'its exemplary grass-roots peacemaking work in Belfast'.

The aim of the Fellowship is to promote mutual understanding, respect and a common witness between people from various Christian traditions in Northern Ireland through our programmes, friendships and activities.


Peacemaking Programme


Within the Presbyterian Church in Ireland there is a Peacemaking Programme. The overall purpose of the Peacemaking Programme is to develop initiatives, targeted at both youth and adult levels, to challenge, equip, and support members, congregations, presbyteries, boards, committees and agencies of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland to contribute more actively to a stable and lasting peace in Ireland.

The strategic aims for the Programme are:


To increase acceptance within PCI that peace building and reconciliation are a priority in the ministry of the whole of the church

To deepen understanding of the measures required for a stable peace and good relations by leaders and activists within PCI

To strengthen the capacity and infrastructure in the Church to sustain long-term peacemaking activities
To increase the number of PCI congregations developing on-going initiatives that will contribute to peace in society

To encourage boards, committees and agencies within PCI to explore and make a commitment to their own contribution to community relations in this society.

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Restoration Ministries


Restoration Ministries is a recognised ministry of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and a number of our members are involved with the ministry.

At the heart of the Gospel is the restoration of relationship between God and us and us with each other. From its base at Restoration House, through a ministry of reconciliation, healing, hospitality and prayer, Restoration Ministries seeks to provide: a place of safety, where people can tell their story and be heard.
a place to help people develop a vision a place where people can feel welcomed and loved.

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