About Us 

Committee and Staff






Rev Steve Stockman    Minister: Rev Steve Stockman




blank    Youth Director: Paul Bowman



ruth irvine    Youth Intern: Ruth Irvine

roberta2011    Administrator: Roberta Clotworthy

dorothy2011    Senior Adults Pastoral Assistant: Dorothy Ramsey

   Cleaners: Kerry and Karen Nicholson



Richard Guthrie      Website Administrator: Richard Guthrie



blank    Church Secretary: Ivor Spence

blank    Church Treasurers: Michael Fitch & Garth Graham



IVOR SPENCE, Secretary



All Elders are ex officio members of the Congregational Committee

Chris Clotworthy   
Garth Graham
Frances Livingstone   
Brian McDowell
Eileen McGeown
Tim McQuoid
Alex Moore
Chris Morris
Mark Patterson
Neill Scott
Ivor Spence




    ::: This Sunday at 11am :::


26th November

Morning Worship

with Rev Steve Stockman

    ::: This Sunday at 7pm :::


26th November
Spiritual formation Advent Series 1
Rev Steve Stockman

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