EMBRACE is a group of Christians working together to promote a positive response to people seeking asylum, refugees, migrant workers and minority ethnic people in Northern Ireland.


"Northern Ireland is becoming richer in its diversity of culture and ethnicity as it becomes home to an increasing number of people from other countries. Some come seeking asylum, others to fill job vacancies or to study in our universities and colleges. There are also a growing number of resident minority ethnic people who have settled in Northern Ireland. The needs of each are as individual as the experiences each person brings, but common to all is the desire to be safe and to know the acceptance of the local community.  EMBRACE seeks to equip the church to fulfil its call to welcome our new neighbours, by providing information, training, materials and channels for practical help. In doing this we seek to build a community which welcomes and respects diversity." EMBRACE website (www.embraceni.org)

Fitzroy supports the work of EMBRACE.

Listed below are the latest EMBRACE SUNDAYS when you can contribute to EMBRACE through donations of clothing.