About Us 

PCI Counselling


PCI Counselling has been offering a professional counselling service since 1992.
The service is available to people from all denominations and none. Anyone experiencing difficulties can use the service. Clients do not have to be Presbyterian.
Counsellors deal with a range of issues including extra-marital affairs, all types of abuse both past and current, alcoholism, lack of trust, childlessness, sexual orientation, family issues and growing apart.


An appointment for counselling can be made by phoning 028 9261 0586 on weekdays between 9.30am and 5pm.
Enquiries can be made by individuals requiring the service, ministers, friends or relatives.
Clients are seen either individually or as couples, according to their circumstances. First appointments are usually arranged within one week of initial contact. The first appointment is known as an Assessment Interview and like ongoing sessions lasts approximately one hour. The counsellor seen at Assessment may not be the counsellor seen for ongoing sessions.


Each counselling sessions costs approximately £30. All clients are asked to make donations towards this cost. The service received by each client is identical regardless of the donation made.


Most counselling takes place in Belfast, either in specific counselling rooms at New Forge Lane, in Church House, the Kairos Centre at Knock Presbyterian Church, or McCracken Memorial Church. Other venues include Portrush, Ballymena, Richhill, Banbridge, Carrickfergus and Ballynahinch.


All counsellors are dedicated volunteers who give freely of themselves each week. All are committed Christians. They are men and women who understand that even the best relationships go through difficult times and that individuals can have to cope with a variety of stresses and anxieties.
All counsellors have been carefully selected and trained to recognised standards. PCI Counselling is affiliated to the Association of Christian Counsellors and uphold its code of ethics. Our counsellors receive regular supervision provided by two new supervisors who started in September 2004. They, with other outside bodies provide ongoing training for all the counsellors to ensure that all those involved receive the best service possible. They each adhere to a strict code of confidentiality.