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In our Christian worship, the preaching of the Word of God is central, in a setting of prayer and praise.



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2017 01 15 am: What are we Looking For? (download)
Stevelooks into the current crisis in our wee country by casting upon the Stormont sectarian meltdown the light of readings from John 1 and Isaiah 49
Rev Steve Stockman, 15/01/2017
2017 01 08 am: Give it Everything that You've Got (download)
In a service when new members are welcomed into the congregation, Steve encourages us all to be whole-hearted in our lives for Jesus
Rev Steve Stockman, 08/01/2017
2017 01 01 am: Bold Moves (download)
At the start of the year, Paul uses Mark's account of Jesus stilling the storm to suggest some habits to be nurtured
Paul Bowman, 01/01/2017
2016 12 25 am: The Man from Pan (download)
On Christmas morning, Steve retells the story of the alien with a saucepan on his head visiting earth, looking for something remarkable
Rev Steve Stockman, 25/12/2016
2016 12 18 pm: Fact is Stranger than Fiction (download)
Paul looks at the unlikely unfolding of God's way of entering the world that proves its authenticity
Paul Bowman, 18/12/2016
2016 12 18 am: Looking Forward… (download)
A collaboration between Steve and Dave Thompson, looking at Isaiah's anticipation of the Messiah and into the minds and souls of Mary and Joseph
Rev Steve Stockman, 18/12/2016
2016 12 11 am: The Sacrament of Communion (download)
Ian laments the misconceptions that have surrounded Paul's writings on Communion in 1 Corinthians which have wrongly kept people from receiving the Holy Sacraments, and affirms a healthier attitude towards communion with the help of the larger catechism.
Rev Dr Ian Hart, 11/12/2016
2016 12 04 am: Examine our Hearts (download)
Brent looks at Jesus' response to the rich young man in Mark's Gospel, and the challenge that is given to each of us in what we hold close to our hearts
Rev Brent van der Linde, 04/12/2016
2016 11 20 am: 10:10 Mission (download)
In the week before Advent, Steve looks at Luke's account of the crucifiction, how The English Patient got it wrong, and 'just being with' mission
Rev Steve Stockman, 20/11/2016
2016 11 13 am: Temple, Wars and Trump… Finding Hope (download)
At the end of a week which saw Donald Trump elected to the White House, Steve turns to Jesus' words in Luke 21 to find encouragement and opportunity in difficult times
Rev Steve Stockman, 13/11/2016
2016 11 06 am: Imagine there IS a Heaven (download)
Steve tackles the cynicism of the Saduccees in Luke 20 and asks what it means to be children of the Resurrection in a cynical age, with the help of Steve Earl, Bruce Springsteen and Jackson Brown
Rev Steve Stockman, 06/11/2016
2016 10 30 am: Who is Coming to Dinner? (download)
Steve looks at the account of Jesus' meeting with Zacchaeus, and asks whom we might be stopping from meeting Jesus.
Rev Steve Stockman, 30/10/2016
2016 10 23 am: The Self Righteous? The Humble Sinner? (download)
Steve looks at the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector, pondering posture and the challenge of with whom we might not be conneting.
Rev Steve Stockman, 23/10/2016
2016 10 16 am: Be a Billboard for a Generous God (download)
In our Harvest service, Paul encourages us to be salt and light in the world
Paul Bowman, 16/10/2016
2016 10 09 am: 10:10 …and where to find it (download)
Prophets, lepers and peripheral vision in Luke and 2 Kings
Rev Steve Stockman, 09/10/2016
2016 10 02 am: Increase Our Faith (download)
Steve looks at the apostles' request that Jesus in crease their faith, and wonders we should work with the portion of faith that we have while waiting for it to grow
Rev Steve Stockman, 02/10/2016
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