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In our Christian worship, the preaching of the Word of God is central, in a setting of prayer and praise.



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2014 09 14 am: Liberating Jonah 1 (download)
Please leave a message: No one is available to take your call. Jonathan starts a six part series looking at the book of Jonah, and asks from what we might be running away, and to where
Jonathan Abernethy Barkley, 14/09/2014
2014 07 09 pm: Not fully there yet… (download)
As members of Clonard join the Fitzroy congregation for a service of Holy Communion, Steve looks at how we have progressed as the church worldwide, but still full short of Jesus' prayer in John 17 that all believers should be one
Rev Steve Stockman, 07/09/2014
2014 09 07 am: Building project presentation (download)
Michael outlines where we are with the building project
Michael Fitch, 07/09/2014
2014 09 07 am: Outta John and Onto the Frontline (download)
Steve reminds us of Jesus' call to go and bear fruit. He then looks at the frontline to which we are sent and begins a new series based on Mark Greene's book Fruitfulness On The Frontline
Rev Steve Stockman, 07/09/2014
2014 08 31 am: Faith That Moves Mountains (download)
Philip conjours up a sermon, expounding how great trees grow form small seeds
Philip Mateer, 31/08/2014
2014 08 17 am: Wake Up and Smell the Charcoal (download)
Steve takes his turn to look at John 21, and looks at how Jesus might deal with our foibles and quirks and then how are we called to love others and work around their foibles and quirks
Rev Steve Stockman, 17/08/2014
2014 08 10 am: Heaven in the Mundane (download)
Jonathan explores the role of the individual as part of the whole within the church, with the help of some Lego
Jonathan Abernethy Barkley, 10/08/2014
2014 08 03: BBQ at the beach (download)
Jonathan finishes the series on John's Gospel by looking at Jesus' post-resurrection appearance at the lakeside
Jonathan Abernethy Barkley, 03/08/2014
2014 07 27 am: The men had fled but the women remained - building resurrection communities (download)
Jonathan explores Jesus' resurrection appearances in John 20
Jonathan Abernethy Barkley, 27/07/2014
2014 07 20 am: There's Still One Way I Can Honour Him (download)
Jonathan gives his insights into John 19, 1-38
Jonathan Abernethy Barkley, 20/07/2014
2014 07 13 am (download)
Steve continues the series on John's Gospel, looking at chapter 19, 1-38
Rev Steve Stockman, 13/07/2014
2014 07 06 am: Jesus and Pilate: Two Kingdoms Clash (download)
Steve looks at John 18:26-40
Rev Steve Stockman, 06/07/2014
2014 06 29: Who Do the Crowds Say that You Are? (download)
Steve looks at John chapter 18 19-27
Rev Steve Stockman, 29/06/2014
2014 06 22 am: I am He (download)
In John 18, where Jesus allows Himself to be handed over to the authorities, Jonathan marvels at His willingness to embrace His Father's will, knowing what was to come.
Jonathan Abernethy Barkley, 22/06/2014
2014 06 15 am: The Prayer and The Glory (download)
Steve takes us into John 17 and looks at Jesus' prayer for himself, his disciples and those who would believe a long time later; us! In it all one word stands out - GLORY!
Rev Steve Stockman, 15/06/2014
2014 06 08 am: Hornets' Nests, Bumpy Roads and Conquered Worlds (download)
On Pentecost Sunday Jonathan looks at John 16, and the promise of Jesus that we will not be left alone, but wil be sent the Comforter
Jonathan Abernethy Barkley, 08/06/2014
2014 06 01 am: Caressing and Colliding with the World (download)
In this passage from John 15 Steve looks at what Jesus said would be inevitable; the we would be hated for following Jesus
Rev Steve Stockman, 01/06/2014
2014 05 25 am: Love Actually Is the Command (download)
Jonathan explores John chapter 15, and Jesus' great discourse on love, asking in what ways we can lay down our lives.
Jonathan Abernethy Barkley, 25/05/2014
2014 05 11 am: A New Way to Live and How it Can Be Lived (download)
Steve looks at the second half of John 14, and ponders the relationship between love and obedience
Rev Steve Stockman, 11/05/2014
2014 05 04: Panic Attacks and Unclear Roadmaps (download)
As we continue our journey through John's Gospel we come across what for this generation must be one of the hardest commands of Jesus to follow - 'do not let your heart be troubled.'
Jonathan Abernethy Barkley,
2014 04 27 am: Love one another like Judas, Peter or Jesus? (download)
Returning to the series on John's gospel, Steve asks where the Judas and Peter is in us all, and just how revolutionary is the love that Jesus reveals and asks us to follow
Rev Steve Stockman, 27/04/2014
2014 04 20 am: Interruptions of Grace (download)
On Easter Sunday morning Steve helps us look with fresh eyes on the interruption of Grace in the resurrection that has the potency to transform our lives
Rev Steve Stockman, 20/04/2014
2014 04 13 am: Easter in a Jar (download)
In the family service on Palm Sunday, Jonathan takes everyone through a week in the life of Jesus
Jonathan Abernethy Barkley, 13/04/2014
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