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In our Christian worship, the preaching of the Word of God is central, in a setting of prayer and praise.



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2016 06 26 am: Discipleship… Hand to the Plough… No Distractions (download)
In the wake of the UKJ's vote to leave the EU, Steve looks for hope from Luke 9, and finds a challenge, a commission and a warning
Rev Steve Stockman, 26/06/2016
2016 06 19 am: Crossing the Threshold of Mercy (download)
The day before Steve goes to speak a the Novena, he looks at how Peter himself received mercy as he dares to visit Cornelius, and how we too can receive it when we dare to cross the threshold of mercy
Rev Steve Stockman, 19/06/2016
2016 06 05 am: The Past that Lies Before Us (download)
Steve unpacks Psalm 30, and wonders if healing and transformation might not be linear but layered, with the eternal being now, with past and future in the same moment.
Rev Steve Stockman, 05/06/2016
2016 05 29 am: Who Feeds You? (download)
Chaplain to Ulster University's Cheryl exegetes the account of Elijah in 1 Kings 17, asking the congregation what their need is for, and whether it might be being supplied rom an unlikely source
Rev Cheryl Meban, 29/05/2016
2016 05 22 am: Which Hat is 10:10 (download)
In a Family service, Steve tells Max Lucado's story of 'A hat for Ivan' and asks 'Which hat should we wear to live a 10:10 life?'
Rev Steve Stockman, 22/05/2016
2016 05 15 am: Here Comes the Future (download)
On Pentecost Sunday, Steve looks at the immediate results of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the disciples, and what it means for us
Rev Steve Stockman, 15/05/2016
2016 05 08 am: Worship Restor(i)es us (download)
Steve looks at Psalm 97 and asks why we come to church, seeing our selves in a world ful of crosses enveloped in a God shepherd.
Rev Steve Stockman, 08/05/2016
2016 05 01 am: The Father's little Helper (download)
Steve looks at Jesus' promise of the Holy Spirit in John 14, and asks if we have seen what we have seen of the Holy Spirit in our lives
Rev Steve Stockman, 01/05/2016
2016 04 24 am: If you Have Love for One Another (download)
Steve teases out the essence of the love to which Jesus calls us
Rev Steve Stockman, 24/04/2016
2016 04 17 am: A good Shepherd, Thieves and Life in all its Fullness (download)
On his return from a trip with Fr Martin Magill to the USA, Steve talks of the Shepherd who helps hurting people, and asks how we can hear the Shepherd's voice and have empathy with a hurting world
Rev Steve Stockman, 17/04/2016
2016 04 10 am: Surprised by Resurrection (download)
Paul looks at the Gospel accounts of the resurrection, and asks in what ways we should talk about it.
Paul Lutton, 10/04/2016
2016 04 03 am: Authentic Living (download)
Looking at Jesus' example, Peter shows us what an authentic life, forgiving and loving others, even in the face of extreme danger, looks like
Rev Peter McDowell, 03/04/2016
2016 03 27 am: Can You Roll That Stone Away? (download)
Referencing John 20 and song lyrics by Rich Mullins, Steve asks us what stones might be rolled in front of us that are hindering us living life to the full.
Rev Steve Stockman, 27/03/2016
2016 03 20 am: Jesus is King… But What Kind? (download)
On Palm Sunday, Steve wonders what kind of King we prefer to follow - the conquering one of Palm Sunday or the humbling one of Good Friday
Rev Steve Stockman, 20/03/2016
2016 03 13 am: Here is Love (download)
Helen Warnock talks on the Parable of the Lost Son
Helen Warnock, 13/03/2016
2016 03 06 am: The Parable of the Father with Two Sons (download)
Looking at the Parable of the Prodigal Son, Steve asks where we may be the younger son, where the elder, and to remember that the Father reaches out to both, and loves both equally
Rev Steve Stockman, 06/03/2016
2016 02 28 am: Be Simple (download)
Paul looks at Luke 11, and how we might come to God in prayer
Paul Bowman, 28/02/2016
2016 02 14 am: Being Tempted to Lose Yourself (download)
Looking at Luke's account of Jesus' temptation, Steve ponders the space between being tempted and the response, and the effect on our lives that the decision has.
Rev Steve Stockman, 14/02/2016
2016 02 07 am: What Should 100 Days of Prayer Achieve (download)
As '100 Days of Prayer for 100 Years of History' is launched, Steve references Luke's account of the Transfiguration as he outlines the healing from the past, the honouring of one another in the present and the hope for the future in our country that will be the subjects for prayer from now until Pentecost.
Rev Steve Stockman, 07/02/2016
2016 01 31 am: The Art of Listening (download)
During our live service for Radio Ulster, Heather speaks of listening to the other, looking at the example of Jesus and the woman at the well in John's gospel
Rev Dr Heather Morris, 31/01/2016
2016 01 17 am: The Hand and Heart of Grace; Loving those in Isolation (download)
Looking at Isaiah 62, Steve asks how we bring love, security, significance and hope to a world without them.
Rev Steve Stockman, 17/01/2016
2016 01 10 am: The new life starts here! (download)
Steve looks at the baptism of Jesus, through the eyes of Luke and Norman Mailer, and sees how Jesus finds His identity.
Rev Steve Stockman, 10/01/2016
2016 01 03 am: Incarnation - Imagining Glory (download)
Looking at John chapter 1, Paul shows us that in our messy world of technological wonder and human misery, we need to keep alive the mystery and truth that is revealed in the Incarnation
Paul Lutton,
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