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In our Christian worship, the preaching of the Word of God is central, in a setting of prayer and praise.



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What Should 100 Days of Prayer Achieve (download)
As '100 Days of Prayer for 100 Years of History' is launched, Steve references Luke's account of the Transfiguration as he outlines the healing from the past, the honouring of one another in the present and the hope for the future in our country that will be the subjects for prayer from now until Pentecost.
Rev Steve Stockman, 07/02/2016
2016 01 31 am: The Art of Listening (download)
During our live service for Radio Ulster, Heather speaks of listening to the other, looking at the example of Jesus and the woman at the well in John's gospel
Rev Dr Heather Morris, 31/01/2016
2016 01 17 am: The Hand and Heart of Grace; Loving those in Isolation (download)
Looking at Isaiah 62, Steve asks how we bring love, security, significance and hope to a world without them.
Rev Steve Stockman, 17/01/2016
2016 01 10 am: The new life starts here! (download)
Steve looks at the baptism of Jesus, through the eyes of Luke and Norman Mailer, and sees how Jesus finds His identity.
Rev Steve Stockman, 10/01/2016
2016 01 03 am: Incarnation - Imagining Glory (download)
Looking at John chapter 1, Paul shows us that in our messy world of technological wonder and human misery, we need to keep alive the mystery and truth that is revealed in the Incarnation
Paul Lutton,
2015 12 27 am (download)
With Christmas Day in the rear view mirror, Steve encourages us to commit to following Jesus out of the manger and into the world.
Rev Steve Stockman, 27/12/2015
2015 12 25 am: Christmas morning talk (download)
On Christmas morning, Steve addresses the children during a family service, explaining how Jesus enabled us to have a relationship and friendship directly with God
Rev Steve Stockman, 25/12/2015
2015 12 20 am: Are you missing the wonder? (download)
On the Sunday before Christmas, Paul Bowman asks if we are missing the most important aspect of Christmas
Paul Bowman, 20/12/2015
2015 12 13 am: Barging down the door of our complacencies! (download)
Steve looks at how the cultural script clashes with the Christmas script
Rev Steve Stockman, 13/12/2015
2015 12 06 am: A Prophesying Psalm of God's Fresh Interruption (download)
Steve unpacks Zechariah's Psalm of praise, talks of fear and peace, and the live of Fr Gerry Reynolds
Rev Steve Stockman, 06/12/2015
2015 11 28 am: For God's Sake Give Us Some Reality (download)
Following a reflective poem on current events, Steve contemplates the discipline of waiting during Advent for the promise of God's righteousness, in order that we influence the holiday season and those around us
Rev Steve Stockman, 29/11/2015
2015 11 22 am: Greater Things are Still to be Done in This City (download)
Having read from Revelation and 1 John, Steve tells us to 'Love & Go', bringing the kingdom to the poor where God is then met, and which action changes our lives
Rev Steve Stockman, 22/11/2015
2015 11 15 am: Laughing with God in the Midst of Weeping (download)
As the new halls are officially opened the weekend after a terrorist massacre in Paris, Steve pauses to reflect on how we can be thankful in a broken world
Rev Steve Stockman, 15/11/2015
2015 11 08 am: The War is Over… Did We Win? (download)
On Remembrance Sunday, when new members are also being received into the congregation, Steve talks of the sacrifice of a previous generation's young people, and encourages them and us to live a 10:10 life
Rev Steve Stockman, 08/11/2015
2015 11 01 am: Hope; Renewal not an escape (download)
On All Saints' Day, Steve looks at hope in Isaiah 25 and Revelation 21 with the help of Bruce Springsteen and The Shawshank Redemption
Rev Steve Stockman, 01/11/2015
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