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In our Christian worship, the preaching of the Word of God is central, in a setting of prayer and praise.



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2016 10 23 am: The Self Righteous? The Humble Sinner? (download)
Steve looks at the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector, pondering posture and the challenge of with whom we might not be conneting.
Rev Steve Stockman, 23/10/2016
2016 10 16 am: Be a Billboard for a Generous God (download)
In our Harvest service, Paul encourages us to be salt and light in the world
Paul Bowman, 16/10/2016
2016 10 09 am: 10:10 …and where to find it (download)
Prophets, lepers and peripheral vision in Luke and 2 Kings
Rev Steve Stockman, 09/10/2016
2016 10 02 am: Increase Our Faith (download)
Steve looks at the apostles' request that Jesus in crease their faith, and wonders we should work with the portion of faith that we have while waiting for it to grow
Rev Steve Stockman, 02/10/2016
2016 09 25 am: Money Doesn't Talk - It Swears (download)
Looking at the story of Lazarus and the Rich Man from Luke 16 and some damning prophetic words form Amos, Steve surmises the rich and their lac of love for the poor
Rev Steve Stockman, 25/09/2016
2016 09 18 am: At The Mercy (download)
Steve tussles with the Rubik's cube of the parable of the dishonest servant who was commended for his shrewd actions
Rev Steve Stockman, 18/09/2016
2016 09 11 am: Onialeku and Fitzroy; Deepening Relationship (download)
In a full communion service, Steve talks briefly of the mutual giving between Onialeku and Fitzroy, and of our burgeoning relationship
Rev Steve Stockman, 11/09/2016
2016 09 04 am: The Great Commission (download)
In a service when the congregation heard about what some of its young people did over the summer, Paul dispenses some of his thoughts on the Great Commission from Matthew 28
Paul Bowman, 04/09/2016
2016 08 28 am: Christian Snobbery is the Curse of the CHurch (download)
With the Scriptures in one hand and Facebook in the other, Steve unpicks the subversive and radical approach to relationships that Jesus was modelling and talking about. He then asks if we are snobs: socially, theologically, ethically, culturally, racially etc.
Rev Steve Stockman, 28/08/2016
2016 08 21 am sermon: Sabbath Rest (download)
Steve surmises the hypocrisy of our one dimentional legalistic view of Sabbath and then looks at its deeper blessings.
Rev Steve Stockman, 21/08/2016
2016 08 14 am: I Will Sing With My Mind (download)
Ian Hart stresses the importance of hymn singing as an act of worship from the heart, and explores some of the hymnwriters' inspirations
Rev Dr Ian Hart, 14/08/2016
A South Seas Adventure (download)
Ian Hart recounts how retirement gave him and his wife the opportunity to teach in a theological college in Vanuatu
Rev Dr Ian Hart, 07/08/2016
2016 07 31 am: A Great Change Since I Been Born (download)
Gary unpicks Paul's argument of the Christian's transformation from slavery to injustice to a new slavery to justice, as set out in Romans 6
Dr Gary Burnett, 31/07/2016
2016 07 24 am: Towards Laser Prayer (download)
Neville Cobbe looks for guidance on how to pray from Genesis, the Psalms and Luke's Gospel.
Dr Neville Cobbe, 24/07/2016
2016 07 17 am: Show Home Ecclesiology (download)
Ross Lockhart looks at 1 Peter 2, reminds us of the bedrock of our faith, and how our activities in church bear witness to God
Rev Dr Ross Lockhart, 17/07/2016
2016 07 10 am: Babylonian BBQ (download)
Visiting minister Ross Lockhart unpacks the account of Shadrach , Meshach and Abednego in Daniel 3
Rev Dr Ross Lockhart, 10/07/2016
2016 07 03 am: The Two Lost Sons (download)
Visiting minister Ross Lockhart reflects on the Parable of the Lost Son from Luke 15
Rev Dr Ross Lockhart, 03/07/2016
2016 06 26 am: Discipleship… Hand to the Plough… No Distractions (download)
In the wake of the UKJ's vote to leave the EU, Steve looks for hope from Luke 9, and finds a challenge, a commission and a warning
Rev Steve Stockman, 26/06/2016
2016 06 19 am: Crossing the Threshold of Mercy (download)
The day before Steve goes to speak a the Novena, he looks at how Peter himself received mercy as he dares to visit Cornelius, and how we too can receive it when we dare to cross the threshold of mercy
Rev Steve Stockman, 19/06/2016
2016 06 05 am: The Past that Lies Before Us (download)
Steve unpacks Psalm 30, and wonders if healing and transformation might not be linear but layered, with the eternal being now, with past and future in the same moment.
Rev Steve Stockman, 05/06/2016
2016 05 29 am: Who Feeds You? (download)
Chaplain to Ulster University's Cheryl exegetes the account of Elijah in 1 Kings 17, asking the congregation what their need is for, and whether it might be being supplied rom an unlikely source
Rev Cheryl Meban, 29/05/2016
2016 05 22 am: Which Hat is 10:10 (download)
In a Family service, Steve tells Max Lucado's story of 'A hat for Ivan' and asks 'Which hat should we wear to live a 10:10 life?'
Rev Steve Stockman, 22/05/2016
2016 05 15 am: Here Comes the Future (download)
On Pentecost Sunday, Steve looks at the immediate results of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the disciples, and what it means for us
Rev Steve Stockman, 15/05/2016
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