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In our Christian worship, the preaching of the Word of God is central, in a setting of prayer and praise.



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2014 12 21 am: The Fragments of Herod in All of Us (download)
Steve references the final episode of 'The Fall' ,looks at Herod's actions, and asks what parts of our lives might stifle, rather than share, the coming of the Messiah to the world around us
Rev Steve Stockman, 21/12/2014
2014 12 14 am: Joseph's phonecall, poem & The Real Christmas (download)
As part of the Family Service, 'Joseph' phones his Mum, expresses the wonder of what has happened, and then Steve talks about the reality of the Christmas story
Rev Steve Stockman, 14/12/2014
2014 11 30 am: Frontline Living: Giving the Reason for the Hope (download)
In his concluding talk in the series on Mark Greene's book Fruitfulness on the Frontlines, Steve asks how we give a defence for the hope that is within us.
Rev Steve Stockman, 30/11/2014
2014 11 23 pm: Wisdom in Ecclesiastes (download)
Mark Fullerton takes us into the heart and soul of the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes
Mark Fullerton, 23/11/2014
2014 11 23 am: Liberating Jonah - Troubling Love (download)
Jonathan takes us to the end of Jonah's story. Jonah gets over his sectarian bigotry and God interupts the way the world was.
Jonathan Abernethy Barkley, 23/11/2014
2014 11 16 am: Frontline Living:Truth and Justice (download)
Steve preaches on the 5th M in Mark Greene's 6 secrets to being Fruitfulness On The Frontline. It is "being a Mouthpiece for Truth and Justice. He unpacks God's desire for truth and justice with a look at Amos and Nathan's ambush of King David
Rev Steve Stockman, 16/11/2014
2014 11 09 am: The Prophet, Beethoven and us (download)
Jonathan continues his series on Liberating Jonah. In Jonah 3 he finds a chapter of second chances: an individual gets a second chance, a city gets a second chance and God shows he is a God of second chances
Jonathan Abernethy Barkley, 09/11/2014
2014 11 02 am: Trojan Mice (download)
Steve continues our series Fruitfulness On The Frontline based on Mark Greene's book of that name, looking at the Moulding of Culture. He looks at Jeremiah's call to make the city you are in prosper and also the cultural changes Jesus asked for in living this out of the box, beyond the norm lifesyle.
Rev Steve Stockman, 02/11/2014
2014 10 26am: Liberating Jonah - Fish and Storms (download)
This week Jonathan points out that it is in the adversity of the storm that Jonah finds out who he is as it reveals and exposes, and asks what we discover about ourselves in our storms.
Jonathan Abernethy Barkley, 26/10/2014
2014 10 19 pm: How to Read the Bible - Law (download)
In the last part of his series, Stephen looks at the purpose of Old Testament Law, the effect it could have had on Israelite society, and its relevance for us today as a revelation of the nature of God
Stephen McIlwaine, 19/10/2014
2014 10 19 am: Finding Harvest (download)
In our harvest family service, Jonathan enlists the help of the congregation and the film Finding Nemo to explore what harvest means for us today, in terms of thankfulness and a challenge.
Jonathan Abernethy Barkley, 19/10/2014
2014 10 12 am: The Compelling Verb (download)
In his continuing series looking at our fruitfulness on the front lines of our lives, Steve reflects on John Mayer's song 'Love is a Verb'. He speaks of the challenge and inspiration of the double reflex of God's grace which sends us out to be ministers of grace and love.
Rev Steve Stockman, 12/10/2014
2014 10 05 pm: How to Read the Bible - Literature (download)
In the second of three talks, Stephen outlines the different types of literature found in the Bible
Stephen McIlwaine, 05/10/2014
2014 10 05 am: 10:10 Work (download)
In the second of his sermons based around Mark Greene's book 'Fruitfulnesson the Frontline', Steve looks at Making Good Work, seeing from Colossions how we should serve others, bringing order and joy to the world around us.
Rev Steve Stockman, 05/10/2014
2014 09 28 am: Liberating Jonah - The Mystery of the Human Heart (download)
In the second of Jonathan's series looking at the book of Jonah, we get onto the boat, and see the various reactions to a perilous situation
Jonathan Abernethy Barkley, 28/09/2014
2014 09 21 pm: How to Read the Bible 1 (download)
In the first of a three part series, Stephen gives an overview of the over-arching story of the Bible
Stephen McIlwaine, 21/09/2014
2014 09 21 am: What Would Jesus Be? (download)
Steve looks at at Modelling Godly Character on our frontlines and looking at the importance of What Jesus Would Be to being able to do What Jesus Would Do
Rev Steve Stockman, 21/09/2014
2014 09 14 am: Liberating Jonah 1 (download)
Please leave a message: No one is available to take your call. Jonathan starts a six part series looking at the book of Jonah, and asks from what we might be running away, and to where
Jonathan Abernethy Barkley, 14/09/2014
2014 07 09 pm: Not fully there yet… (download)
As members of Clonard join the Fitzroy congregation for a service of Holy Communion, Steve looks at how we have progressed as the church worldwide, but still full short of Jesus' prayer in John 17 that all believers should be one
Rev Steve Stockman, 07/09/2014
2014 09 07 am: Building project presentation (download)
Michael outlines where we are with the building project
Michael Fitch, 07/09/2014
2014 09 07 am: Outta John and Onto the Frontline (download)
Steve reminds us of Jesus' call to go and bear fruit. He then looks at the frontline to which we are sent and begins a new series based on Mark Greene's book Fruitfulness On The Frontline
Rev Steve Stockman, 07/09/2014
2014 08 31 am: Faith That Moves Mountains (download)
Philip conjours up a sermon, expounding how great trees grow form small seeds
Philip Mateer, 31/08/2014
2014 08 17 am: Wake Up and Smell the Charcoal (download)
Steve takes his turn to look at John 21, and looks at how Jesus might deal with our foibles and quirks and then how are we called to love others and work around their foibles and quirks
Rev Steve Stockman, 17/08/2014
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