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In our Christian worship, the preaching of the Word of God is central, in a setting of prayer and praise.



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2015 05 24 am (download)
Brent unpicks Philippians 3, asking where our confidence lies, and giving a powerful example of Christian forgiveness from his native South Africa
Brent van der Linde, 24/05/2015
2015 05 17 am: Songs of Ascent (download)
Steve continues his series on the Psalms of Ascent
Rev Steve Stockman, 17/05/2015
2015 05 17 pm: Into Romans (download)
Gary looks at Paul's letter to the Church in Rome
Dr Gary Burnett, 17/05/2015
2015 05 10 am: Kingdom Parables - Great Things in Small Packages (download)
Continuing his series on Kingdom Parables, Janathan looks at the parable of the mustard seed in Matthew 13
Jonathan Abernethy Barkley, 10/05/2015
2015 05 03 am: Pigrims' Benediction - Nothing Escapes My Attention (download)
Continuing his series on the Psalms of Ascent, Steve looks at Psalm 121, its Benediction, and the God who watches over us
Rev Steve Stockman, 03/05/2015
2015 04 26 am: Growing and Building up in Love (download)
On the day of the AGM, Steve ponders what we should be about in Fitzroy, reflecting on Ephesians 4
Rev Steve Stockman, 26/04/2015
2015 04 19 am: Woe to me that I dwell in Meshek - HELP (download)
Steve begins a series on Psalms 120-134, known as the Psalms of Ascent. He talks about Eugene Peterson's book 'A long obedience in the same direction', picking up on the problem of discipleship in an instant society
Rev Steve Stockman, 19/04/2015
2015 04 12 am: Kingdom Parables - Masters and Talents (download)
Jonathan looks at Jesus' parable of the Talents from Matthew's Gospel, asking if we are doing the Master's business or our own
Jonathan Abernethy Barkley, 12/04/2015
2015 04 05 am: Jesus is Alive (download)
On Easter Sunday Steve encourages us to take roads in life, rather than routes, picking things about resurrection Life up as we go along as disciples of Jesus
Rev Steve Stockman, 05/04/2015
2015 03 29 am: What kind of King (download)
On Palm Sunday, Jonathan reflects on the type of King that Jesus was
Jonathan Abernethy Barkley, 29/03/2015
2015 03 22 am: The Cost (download)
In our series looking at the Travel Narratives in Luke's gospel, Steve considers the cost of following Jesus
Rev Steve Stockman, 22/03/2015
2015 03 15 am: From the Dark End of the Street to the Bright Side of the Road (download)
Steve talks about how Jesus was particularly interested in reaching out to women, the poor, the disreputable and the 'other', and how he goes beyond the boundaries that we put up, and how Grace comes first in reconciliation
Rev Steve Stockman, 15/03/2015
2015 03 08 am: So I am Sending You (download)
On International Women's Day, Claire Andrews looks at some of the last century's inspirational women, and highlights some of the campaigns run by Fields of Life
Claire Andrews, 08/03/2015
2015 03 01 am: Kingdom Parables: Feasts and Unlikely Guests (download)
Jonathan shows us Jesus giving the Pharisees a lecture on table etiquette, and encourages us to fly, rather than waddle, out of church
Jonathan Abernethy Barkley, 01/03/2015
2015 02 22 pm: Introducing the Travel Narratives (download)
Desi introduces the Travel Narratives form Luke's Gospel, contextualising them and giving us an overview and the intentions of Luke's writings.
Dr Desi Alexander, 22/02/2015
2015 02 22 am: The Travel Narratives Begin (download)
Doug Gay looks at how Jesus responds to an unwelcoming village, and looks at the challenges made to potential followres
Rev Doug Gay, 22/02/2015
2015 02 15 am: Kingdom Parables - Working Wages (download)
Jonathan looks at the parables of the workers in the vineyard from Matthew 20, and asks what small steps we can take to help others survive
Jonathan Abernethy Barkley, 15/02/2015
2015 02 08 am: Robbed of Imagination? (download)
Steve looks at some of what was lost in the Reformation by turning our backs on art, and imagines what an inclusive Belfast might look like, and the part Fitzroy might play in it.
Rev Steve Stockman, 08/02/2015
2015 01 25 pm: Amos - How to Read the Bible (download)
Following on from Stephen McIlwaine's 3-part series in the autumn, David Livingstone looks at how to read and interpret the book of Amos
Professor David Livingstone, 25/01/2015
2015 01 25 am: One Grace - Two Sons (download)
In the second of his talks on the parable of the Prodigal Son, Steve helps us see to whom this parable was directed, and the challenge to us today
Rev Steve Stockman, 25/01/2015
2015 01 18 pm: The Spirituality of Walking (download)
Writer and journalist Susan Mansfield shares something of the spirituality of walking in general, and tells us about the aims of the Passion walk, which she is bringing to Belfast for the first time this Easter
Susan Mansfield, 18/01/2015
2015 01 18 am: Kingdom Parables - Foundations (download)
Jonathan starts his series in the Parables, helping us see that we live in the stories we tell ourselves and how those stories tell us what is important to us
Jonathan Abernethy Barkley, 18/01/2015
2015 01 11 am: A Shepherd, a Mother, a Father go seeking (download)
Steve begins a short series on Luke 15, asking who Jesus was answering in the parables, and who are the lost in our context
Rev Steve Stockman, 11/01/2015
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