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2019 02 17 am: Stories to live byRev Peter McDowell
2019 Sermons
Length: 0 minutes
Peter talks to us about how stories and narratives change the shape of things
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2019 02 10 am: Casting into the Depths of ChaosRev Steve Stockman
2019 Sermons
Length: 20 minutes
Reference:Luke 5:1-11
Steve looks at Jesus' call to Peter and us to become fishers of men and to recreate community from the chaos of this broken world
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2019 02 03 am: Easing the Troubled Mind: Anxiety, Trust and PeaceDr Gary Burnett
2019 Sermons
Length: 18 minutes
Reference:Matthew 6:24-34
Gary looks at Matthew 6, and sees both a challenge to our lifestyle, and a way out of our anxieties by seeking justice for others
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2019 01 27 am: Non-ConformistRev David Gray
2019 Sermons
Length: 25 minutes
References:Romans 11:33-12:2
Isaiah 9:1-7
Dave asks what impresses us, and how we may conform to influences that tie us up in unhelpful ways, denying us the freedom to follow Christ the way we want to. He then looks at the call to a radically different way to live that Paul exhorts in his letter to the believers in Rome
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2019 01 20 am: 2:10 - The Finest of WinesRev Steve Stockman
2019 Sermons
Length: 22 minutes
Reference:John 2:1-11
Looking at John's account of the wedding at Cana, Steve sees Jesus coming into the middle of humanity to make lives as abundant as possible, and enabling us in turn to give grace abundantly.
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2019 01 13 am: The YOU in BaptismRev Steve Stockman
2019 Sermons
Length: 10 minutes
Reference:Luke 3:15-22
As a child is baptised in Fitzroy and we read of Jesus' baptism in Luke, Steve considers baptism as the rehumanising of individuals as children of God, bringing healing and transformation
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2019 01 06 am: Resistance, Milkman, Wiseman, God/Man!Rev Steve Stockman
2019 Sermons
Length: 25 minutes
Reference:Matthew 2:1-12
Steve ponders the wise men and Herod, the novel Milkman, and asks if we can be discerners and distributors of resistance, fighting corruption and lies with grace-found love, causing unbelievers to begin to doubt their unbelief
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2018 12 30 am - Growing in wisdom... resolving conflict and using powerRev Cheryl Meban
2018 Sermons
Length: 19 minutes
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2018 12 25 am: The Grinch who stole ChristmasRev Steve Stockman
2018 Sermons
Length: 14 minutes
On Christmas morning, Steve talks about the Grinch, who tried to ruin everyone's Christmas, but then began to realise that it was about more than just presents.
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2018 12 09 am: No Soul WipeRev Doug Gay
2018 Sermons
Length: 17 minutes
References:Malachi 3:1-4
Luke 1:68-79
The lectionary readings of Malachi 3 and Luke 3 had Doug sharing God's desire to purify us with fire and soap from our self-indulgence and lack of motivation towards justice.
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