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Fitzroy Members in South Africa

Alan and Sheena Gaston are members of Fitzroy who work with Zanini Bantwana in South Africa.  Zanini Bantwana is made up of Christians who visit lonely and abandoned children in hospital in South Africa. They play, sing, pray, tell Bible stories, teach, listen and sometimes are just there with these lovely children.


The work of Zanani Bantwana consists of three main elements:

Play - The children need stimulation through games, puzzles, drawing, crafts etc. We take in suitable materials that the children enjoy playing with. This “play” is very important in the early development of the the children.
Education – Children in for a long time need teaching to keep up with their school work. We use the same materials as they use in the schools so that children can fir back into school when they leave hospital. Sethembile is currently studying for a degree in teaching and Zanini Bantwana is supporting her in that.
Spiritual – Like us all, the children need to hear the Good News about Jesus Christ. The children love music and singing is very popular. We pray with groups, but also with individuals. We tell bible stories. We have developed an 8 week curriculum to ensure that the main themes of the Bible are covered regularly.
We aim to have someone in each hospital from 10 am to 4 pm, six days a week. The medics and paramedics see the Zanini Bantwana staff as part of the team working for the children.


Alan Gaston  staff at Zanani   


Listed below are the latest articles and prayer updates from Alan & Sheena Gaston in South Africa.  Alternatively, you can check out the latest information from the Zanini Bantwana website by clicking on the link here:


If you want to contact Alan & Sheena, please write to:

Alan & Sheena Gaston

138 Old Howick Road

Pietermaritzburg 3201

South Africa



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