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In our Christian worship, the preaching of the Word of God is central, in a setting of prayer and praise.

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2019 11 24 am: Being with Ourselves (download)
As Steve concludes the 'Being with…' series, we hear how society struggles to be still, and are encouraged to find the space in busy lives to listen to both ourselves and God,
Rev Steve Stockman, 24/11/2019
2019 11 17 am: Being with the troubles.mp3 (download)
How can we BE WITH The Troubles? How can we BE WITH victims? How can we BE WITH the consequences that the past has on the now? How can we build a better future? How can we hold sensitivity towards those who still suffer from the Troubles while looking at forgiveness and a compromising of justice that all conflicts have to deal with to move forward?
Rev Steve Stockman, 17/11/2019
2019 11 10 am: Being with Conflict (download)
On Remembrance Sunday, Navy chaplain Brent encourages us to put ourselves in people's hurts and pains and show compassion and empathy, since that is when God starts to work and things start to change
Rev Brent van der Linde, 10/11/2019
2019 11 03 am: Subverting the Culture with Christoformity (download)
Steve talks of living the way Christ lived, as Paul sets out in Romans 12, in a culture that can't be fixed, but can be redeemed
Rev Steve Stockman, 03/11/2019
2019 10 27 am sermon: Being with Culture (download)
As Paul needs to find relevant ways to explain the Gospel to a culture in Athens not familiar with Jewish ideas, so Steve reasons that we need to listen critically to the culture around us for insight into new ways to help it hear the good news of Jesus.
Rev Steve Stockman, 27/10/2019
2019 10 20 am: Being with Creation (download)
Continuing our very popular BEING WITH series we welcome Jonny Hanson to preaching on BEING WITH CREATION. Steve intros by saying "Jonny is a sharp mind and radical practitioner. He is Managing Director of Jubilee Farm. Jubilee see themselves as a Christian Creation Care organisation. I believe in these days of Extinction Rebellion and Greta that Jubilee have a prophetic voice for the Church"
Dr Jonny Hanson, 20/10/2019
2019 10 13 am: Being with Jesus (download)
Steve uses Winnie the Pooh and Snow Patrol to help enflesh Being with Jesus
Rev Steve Stockman, 13/10/2019
2019 10 06 am: Being with the other (download)
We continue our series on the incarnation call of Jesus to BEING WITH. This week Steve got us thinking of being with "the other". By "the other" he means anyone that seems to be different than you. Anyone across the borderlines of tension whether colour or race or religion or class. In Northern Ireland that has been traditionally in our relationships with the Nationalist/Republican/Catholic community
Rev Steve Stockman, 06/10/2019
2019 09 29 am: Just turn up (download)
We were thinking mainly of Uganda this morning. We heard from our Summer Mission teams and their experiences. The majority went to Onialkeu in Uganda. What were their highlights and what did they learn? Steve also asked us how we should BE WITH Onialeku in our on going BEING WITH series. You will hear the "Aftica" song by Jonny fitch, if you like it go to Proceeds are going to help build a Nursery in Onialkeu.
Rev Steve Stockman, 29/09/2019
2019 09 15 am: All because of You, I am - being with each other (download)
What is it to be human? Steve talks Ubuntu, togetherness, relationship, and the church as God's resource for community
Rev Steve Stockman, 15/09/2019

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