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In our Christian worship, the preaching of the Word of God is central, in a setting of prayer and praise.



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2019 04 07 am - I hope we all have a Clara... (download)
Stev helps us understand the power of love. Whatever we go through in life, whether our own healing or vocational fulfilment or the transformation of our given social space, love is the energising force for redemption, restoration, reconciliation, wholeness and salvation
Rev Steve Stockman, 07/04/2019
2019 03 31 am: Home (download)
Steve looks at the parable of the lost son from Luke's Gospel
Rev Steve Stockman, 31/03/2019
2019 03 24 am: The fruit of repentance (download)
Steve takes us to the texts of Luke 13 and Isaiah 55 in the context of the incomprehensibly sad, frustrating and even angry week when we have mourned with Christchurch, New Zealand, got even more despairing and confused about Brexit and, closest to home, buried three of our northern young people in County Tyrone after the most horrendous tragedy at a Cookstown hotel on St Patrick's night. we will find Jesus not so much playing mind games with such mysteries but calling us in the midst of such events to bear
Steve Stockman, 24/03/2019
2019 03 17 am: Redeeming Memory (download)
Paul uses Psalm 114 to show that the right way to view memory is God-focussed, looking at the past, the present and the future through the overarching memory of His grace.
Paul Lutton, 17/03/2019
2019 03 10 am: When a Person is not a Person (download)
Cheryl explores some of the ways in which people around the world are still disadvantaged simply because they happen to be born female, and how Jesus and Paul sought to treat people equally.
Rev Cheryl Meban, 10/03/2019
2019 03 04 am: Bathing words in glory (download)
Steve will helps us find out that the gift of grace in Jesus is not for hoarding to ourselves, what the combination is in order to conjure a transfigured Jesus and how that Jesus then refigures us for the shadows of our world, where we might be most likely to find God.
Steve Stockman, 03/03/2019
2019 02 24 am: Being different .... Making a difference (download)
Steve reflects on how for four decades, Fitzroy have lived a communal attack on sectarianism and in remembering our mission with the words of Jesus will re-commit to be break down walls and erase all lines that the demonic might build or draw across our city and land.
Steve Stockman, 24/02/2019
2019 02 17 am: Stories to live by (download)
Peter talks to us about how stories and narratives change the shape of things
Rev Peter McDowell, 17/02/2019
2019 02 10 am: Casting into the Depths of Chaos (download)
Steve looks at Jesus' call to Peter and us to become fishers of men and to recreate community from the chaos of this broken world
Rev Steve Stockman, 10/02/2019
2018 12 30 am - Growing in wisdom... resolving conflict and using power (download)
Rev Cheryl Meban, 30/12/2018
2018 12 25 am: The Grinch who stole Christmas (download)
On Christmas morning, Steve talks about the Grinch, who tried to ruin everyone's Christmas, but then began to realise that it was about more than just presents.
Rev Steve Stockman, 25/12/2018
2018 12 09 am: No Soul Wipe (download)
The lectionary readings of Malachi 3 and Luke 3 had Doug sharing God's desire to purify us with fire and soap from our self-indulgence and lack of motivation towards justice.
Rev Doug Gay, 09/12/2018
2018 12 02 am: How Long… Must We Sing This Song? (download)
At the beginning of Advent, Steve asks what hope looks like in the text, in advent and in life.
Rev Steve Stockman, 02/12/2018
2018 11 25 am - There is a Kingdom, there is a King (download)
In a world full of borders, back stops, arrogant politicians and a fragile Primer Minister we will be hearing Jesus claims of a Kingdom that is not of this world. What does that look like? How do we live in it?
Steve Stockman, 25/11/2018
2018 11 18 am: The White Album, Hal Lindsay, Fear and Shalom (download)
Steve looks at Mark 13, asks about the fear and the shalom of the end of the world and looks at the end of one way of the world before Advent send in a whole new order
Rev Steve Stockman, 18/11/2018
2018 11 11 am - Put God In His - and Our Lives Fall Into Place (download)
This morning we looked at how worship puts God in his place in our Creation and therefore we can find our place, no matter what the circumstances.
Steve Stockman, 11/11/2018

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