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In our Christian worship, the preaching of the Word of God is central, in a setting of prayer and praise.



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2018 08 19am - Too hard to swallow? (download)
Neville asks us the question this morning, are you Hungry?
Dr Neville Cobbe, 19/08/2018
2018 08 12am - Jesus loves me this I know (download)
Inspired by his most recent trip to Uganda, Michael takes us on a whistle stop tour of the bible examining versus which tell us how much Jesus loves each of us
Michael Fitch, 12/08/2018
2018 07 29 am (download)
We take a deeper look at the story of Jesus feeding the 5000. It all starts with an act of generosity, and Neville talks to us about Gods continued act of generosity.
Dr Neville Cobbe, 29/07/2018
Mark: "It's not just the stories - it's the way I tell 'em!" (download)
Ben looks at two stories of healing in Mark 5, and how Jesus deals with those involved personally for their benefit, demonstrating His bringing of life 'in all its fulness'
Rev Ben Walker, 22/07/2018
2018 07 15 am - Living a life of influence (download)
Paul help us understand the evaluation questions we should be asking ourselves in order for us to live a life of influence
Paul Bowman, 15/07/2018
2018 07 08 am - Worship under fire (download)
Paul talks about how God removes the stabilisers to draw us into a deeper relationship with him
Paul Bowman, 08/07/2018
2018 07 01 am - Restoration man (download)
Restoration Man - Dave walks us through his thoughts on how Jesus is the restoration man
Rev Dave Gray, 01/07/2018
2018 06 24 am: He really does care. Do you? (download)
Davelooks at how the Divine dance of love is played out in Luke 7, and asks whether we recognise ourselves more in Simon or the woman.
Rev David Gray, 24/06/2018
2018 06 17am - 10:10 Mission (download)
As we look towards the summer and the various missions members of Fitzroy will partake in, Steve talks about his mission to Uganda and how it is also a retreat
Rev Steve Stockman, 17/06/2018
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