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In our Christian worship, the preaching of the Word of God is central, in a setting of prayer and praise.



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2018 10 14 pm: How to read Genesis (download)
Desi helps us get a handle on the first book in the modern Bible
Dr Desi Alexander, 14/10/2018
2018 10 07 am: Setting the Map for a Good Life (download)
Paul examines Psalm 1, ponders the Biblical meaning of blessing, and encourages us to chew over the words of scripture, allowing it to nourish us.
Paul Lutton, 07/10/2018
2018 09 30 am: Do You Wanna Go Back to Egypt (download)
Steve muses the institutionalisation of the complaining Israelites of Numbers 11, and wonders if we are still living as if we had not been set free.
Rev Steve Stockman, 30/09/2018
2018 09 09 am - If one weeps we all weep (download)
Looking at Romans 12, Steve walks us through a Biblical character sketch to help us see how to keep together what we hold precious. In a polarised culture and what he terms as a theologist Church it is a tough world to continue to be Fitzroy. When one of us weeps we all weep
Steve Stockman, 09/09/2018
2018 09 02 am - Re-Entry (download)
On the first Sunday of the new church year Steve helps us understand how we can welcome our short term teams back into the family. This is also the first of our live streams, so if you are a member of Fitzroy, Login to the site, go to Worship and Live Stream to see a very special guest during the children's address
Steve Stockman, 02/09/2018
2018 08 26 am - Present suffering and future glory (download)
Desi helps us explore a quote from the apostle Paul "If you want to be a follower of Jesus, you must be prepared to suffer"
Desi Alexander, 26/08/2018
2018 08 19am - Too hard to swallow? (download)
Neville asks us the question this morning, are you Hungry?
Dr Neville Cobbe, 19/08/2018
2018 08 12am - Jesus loves me this I know (download)
Inspired by his most recent trip to Uganda, Michael takes us on a whistle stop tour of the bible examining versus which tell us how much Jesus loves each of us
Michael Fitch, 12/08/2018
2018 07 29 am (download)
We take a deeper look at the story of Jesus feeding the 5000. It all starts with an act of generosity, and Neville talks to us about Gods continued act of generosity.
Dr Neville Cobbe, 29/07/2018
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