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In our Christian worship, the preaching of the Word of God is central, in a setting of prayer and praise.



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2017 12 10 am: Sheep and Goats - What does a 10:10er Do? (download)
In the penultimate part of Steve's 10:10 in ten series, he looks at the parable of the sheep and the goats, takes us to the townships of South Africa and emphasises how caring for others is crucial to 10:10 living
Rev Steve Stockman, 10/12/2017
2017 12 03 am: Peace and Prosperity of the City - Belfast 10:10 (download)
In part 8 of his 10:10 in Ten series Steve looks at the song the angels send that first Christmas morning, “Peace on earth”, and encourages us to be active peacemakers.
Rev Steve Stockman, 03/12/2017
2017 11 26 am: Here I am, Send Me - Go and Make… (download)
In the seventh of his 10:10 sermons, Steve looks at Isaiah's call, and asks if we will be faithful to go where called 'out of the bawn', regardless of results.
Rev Steve Stockman, 26/11/2017
2017 11 19 am: Fitzroy's Got Talents (download)
Neville reminds us, by way of an audio compilation, of the teaching we have been given by Steve on 10:10 living in recent weeks, and referencing the Parable of the Talents from Matthew's gospel asks what we will do with what we have been given.
Neville Cobbe, 19/11/2017
2017 11 12 am: Do not conform (download)
Steve delves into Romans 12, and asks how we can continue being transformed, rather than conforming to the comfortable world around us.
Rev Steve Stockman, 12/11/2017
2017 11 05 am: Giving 10:10 Away (download)
At the halfway point of his ten sermons on 10:10 living, Steve turns his attention to the truth in Romans that we have been given gifts to use in the service of others, rather than simply to please ourselves
Rev Steve Stockman, 05/11/2017
2017 11 05 am: Interview (download)
Steve chats with Maggie, Eunice and Josephine, three Ugandan ladies who, as children, were sponsored through Fields of Life
Fields of Life Storytellers, 05/11/2017
2017 10 29 am: Sorry, sorry, sorry… (download)
Neville looks at the sort of forgiveness Jesus required, and also real life examples from modern 'heroes of faith'
Neville Cobbe, 29/10/2017
2017 10 22 am: 10:10 - Inside (download)
Continuing the series on 10:10 living, Steve ponders storms, weathering, and the changes brought in our lives if we allow the Spirit to work in us
Rev Steve Stockman, 22/10/2017
2017 10 15 am: Love the Lord Your God - Making Contact with Heaven and Earth (download)
Steve continues his 10:10 series, and asks who or what it is that we love, and who the world see us as
Rev Steve Stockman, 15/10/2017
2017 10 08 am: Follow Me… Which Icon to Click? (download)
In the third of his series on 10:10 living, Steve looks at Jesus' call to follow, and how it went hand in hand with grace
Rev Steve Stockman, 08/10/2017
2017 10 01 am: Two Harvests… One Tree (download)
After hearing from those who went to visit Onialeku school over the summer, Steve talks of what has already been achieved, and what is still potential, both in Uganda, in Fitzroy and in our own lives
Rev Steve Stockman, 01/10/2017
2017 09 24 am: 10:10 - Invitation to Life in All Its Fulness (download)
At the start of a new ten week series, Steve returns to the passage in John where Jesus gives us an unique invitation to live life through Him for others, thereby experiencing a truly fulfilled life
Rev Steve Stockman, 24/09/2017
2017 09 17 am: Signs and Wonders (download)
Neville wows the young people with chemistry experiaments, and then unpacks the wonder of both the extraordinary and the ordinary.
Neville Cobbe, 17/09/2017
2017 08 20 am: A Doggedly Determined Dame Prevails Over Prevailing Prejudice (download)
Neville looks at Jesus' encounter with a Canaanite woman, with the help of Hollie McCalmont
Neville Cobbe, 20/08/2017
2017 08 13 am: Walking to the Word with faltering faith (download)
Neville looks at the faith exhibited by Peter, Elijah and the Psalmist
Neville Cobbe, 13/08/2017
2017 06 25 am: Daring to Open the Gift (download)
During a commissioning service for those going to Uganda or on summer camps, Steve asks if we will embrace the gift that God offers us, and be prepared for Him do amazing things through us
Rev Steve Stockman, 25/06/2017
2017 06 18 am: In a Period of Transition (download)
Steve asks how we best follow Jesus in a period of transition, such as the one in which we seem to be currently living
Rev Steve Stockman, 18/06/2017
2017 06 11 am: Brian Zahnd (download)
Brian Zahnd delves into Peter's first letter to the churches and finds the wound that heals the world
Pastor Brian Zahnd, 11/06/2017
2017 06 04 am: The Spirit of the Community of the Spirit (download)
Steve gets excited about church communities where the Holy Spirit allows us to love each other alongside our differences, and be shaped by the others in that community
Rev Steve Stockman, 04/06/2017
2017 05 28 am: Being Confronted by the Presence of God (download)
Dr Raymond Carr from Pepperdine University, USA, unpacks Isaiah's vision
Dr Raymond Carr, 28/05/2017
2017 05 21 am: The Pneumatology of Last Week's Service (download)
Steve looks at John 14, the ongoing work of the Spirit then and now, and surmises the 'Quattrinity' and our role in it!
Rev Steve Stockman, 21/05/2017
2017 05 14 am: Goodbye… to Incarnation (download)
Steve helps us listen to Jesus' farewell to his disciples in John 14, and seeing how he builds their confidence to continue His incarnational work
Rev Steve Stockman, 14/05/2017
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