Intro Fitzroy
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Crosstalk, 01/01/2004


Fitzroy presbyterian Church follows the Gothic revival style that became popular throughout Ulster in the late 19th Century. Robert Young of Young and MacKensie designed it on themes from the Book of Psalms. The church was built between 1872 and 1874. The church with detached corner belfry, hall and school are built in craggy Scrabo sandstone and reflect an eclectic mix of Gothic forms. The belfry is connected to the gallery by a flying stair and its interior is laid out in traditional meeting house lines. An elaborate organ case forms a backdrop to the pulpit

The large tower symbolizes that "The Lord is my Rock and my Fortress" (Psalm 18).

FitzroyMainEntrance-th  Fitzroy Main Entrance

RightHandDoorway-th  Right Hand Doorway

leftHandDoorway-th  Left Hand Doorway

TranseptDoorway-th  Transept Doorway

CentralPillar1-th  Central Pillar 1

CentralPillar2-th  Central Pillar 2