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Fitzroy Building Project

plansThe Building project is now underway, bringing our halls up-to-date and providing new spaces along the side of the church, epuiping us with the buildings that we will help us to be a relevant presence in the community as we move forward. The anticipated completion date is the end of September 2015.

It is intended that there will be regular updates on the web site, both pictorial and written, to keep all abreast of the work as the work develops.

Outline of the plans (pdf)

Where is everyone going to go now?

Lots of our activities are having to take place elsewhere for the duration of the building project. Find out where here.

Who can I talk to to find out more?

Building Project Committee

Eileen McGeown, Gordon Devenney, Patricia Drummond, Muriel Martin, Mark Patterson, Chris Clotworthy, Brian McDowell

Building Project Finance Group

Trisha Eaton,  Dave Thompson,  Jenny McKinley,  Ian McMurray

Health & Safety issues

During the build, access to the building site around Fitzroy is restricted. Read more…


How's the work going?

Update July 2015

The Welcome Area is where most progress is visible - underfloor heating is in place, and the old church walls are being cleaned of their 150 year old layer of Belfast grime!
The back corridor is much wider and welcoming, and, with special lighting on the original church wall (the one behind the organ pipes), this should be an especially lovely feature.
New windows are in the new office and the Boyd room; all three kitchens and toilets are plastered.
We have had a useful meeting with the kitchen installation firm and with Sheena and Brenda, to get the kitchen interiors just right!  Carpets are chosen, and the paint finishes are being finalized this week.
The upper and lower Ibis rooms are spacious and comfortable and with plenty of storage space for the children and young people’s activities.
Both the financial and project team wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ for your generosity to the ‘Maygive project’.  A total of £17,564 has been donated, so that will go a long way in helping to pay for the kitchen appliances and IT equipment which are needed.
And thank you all again for your prayers of support for us all as a team – we have been so aware of this.  We continue to be so grateful for excellent working relationships with Judith, our architect, and MSM contractors.  Please continue to pray that there will be no last minute hitches, and that the build will be completed on time. As always, we are happy to respond to any queries re the build

Eileen McGeown  07768 273 657
Patricia Drummond 07773 197 699
Gordon Devenney  07866 809 080

Here is a gallery of photos, taken on Wednesday 23rd September 2015 when members of Fitzroy helped to assemble furniture


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Fields of Life project for school in Uganda

When the leadership in Fitzroy decided to renovate the church halls and add an extension it was agreed that we should also do something to assist others in the Developing world.  A tithe was to be set aside and it was agreed that we would partner Fields of Life in building a primary school at Onialeku in NW Uganda. The build at Onialeku is out to tender at present, but they hope to complete this phase soon and then start to build.  The new school should be ready by March/April 2015.  It will consist of 7 classroom, an admin area and Principal's office.  There will also be separate pit latrines for boys and girls.

Update June 2015

The construction of the buildings is progressing very well with roofs now being fixed and treated. The contractor has developed a good working relationship with the church and school, they have requested, with the approval of Fields of Life, to change the design of the windows so that they are metallic opening sash windows, with no glass and security bars - these windows will be more practical. The quality of the work is so far very good. Completion date is end of July 2015

Office classrooom block
Pit latrine

Letter from Uganda by Anne Brown

Onialeku Primary School visit January 2015

    ::: This Sunday at 11am :::


21st January

Morning Worship

with Rev Steve Stockman

    ::: This Sunday at 7pm :::


5:30pm - Reframing the Negatives, Photographic Exhibition
7pm -  Dialogues of Life - Rabbi D Singer & Rev Dr Ken Newell

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