Foodbank Summer update

We still have some shortage items and are always grateful of any donations but we’d be especially pleased to get

Plain rice
Tinned tomatoes
Tinned fruit
Tinned potatoes /instant mash    

We are out of toiletries and whilst food has to be our priority toiletries are always thankfully received
Shower gel
Tooth paste
Tooth Brushes - Are in short supply
Shaving foam

A big thank you to everyone who supports us through prayer and donations of food and money. We really could not exist without you.

As a result of changes to the use of our Mornington distribution centre it will shortly no longer be possible to restock from our warehouse during the working day.
This means that in order to continue to supply to our clients, we will require a small group of people to commit to a regular van run one evening a week. 
This would involve collecting the van which will already have the stock loaded into it, driving it to Mornington, unloading and putting the food on the correct shelves.
If you would be interested in committing to support us in this way or would like to know more about it please email       Thanks.

Many thanks from your Church Champion, Brenda Johnston
phone 079 6232 3604