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Building Project update 28 November 2014

Update 11th November 2014

We are now on week 6 of a major refurbishment and extension programme for our Church Halls.
Every Friday at 2 pm, Gordon Devenney, Patricia Drummond and I (or at least, 2 out of 3 of us!) have a site meeting with Philip Mahaffey, MSM operations manager, Judith, our architect, and Billy, the site foreman.  A more formal meeting occurs every fourth Friday with the quantity surveyor, and the mechanical and electrical engineers also present.
The foundations for the extensions on both sides of the building are now in place and the walls between the old parlour, kitchen and L-shaped room have now gone.  One positive discovery was that, when the fascia was removed in the back hallway the original stone exterior wall of the church was revealed - this will be a lovely feature.
We want to thank you for your prayers. The MSM team are helpful and attentive, our Architect, QS, and the M and E engineering team are a pleasure to work with. Please pray for continuing good relationships, and an uneventful build.  Pray too that these buildings would be used to God's glory, and the furtherance of His kingdom in South Belfast.  We are excited!
As always, do please contact Patricia, Gordon or myself if you have any queries about the build.    Thanks,  Eileen.

Here is a gallery of photos, taken on Friday 28th November 2014 during a site visit

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25th March
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