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Worship Development Team


We intend enlarging the team to cover all aspects of worship, but at the moment the team is primarily focussed on music in worship.
We aim to help the Fitzroy Family express their worship of God using the great diversity of creative gifts with which He has blessed us. Rather than trying to incorporate every style on every occasion, we rotate our different groups over a 6-8 week cycle, giving a range of styles of worship music over that period.
We have some 80 or so people involved in the music and worship ministry. There are 5 musical groups: Fitzroy Choir, Fitzroy Group, Blake's 6, Youth Band and the Sounds Good Orchestra. We also have a number of keyboard players and singers who are involved in leading services.
We are always interested in involving new people. We are particularly keen to hear about and involve children and young people who play or sing - even a few notes!



    ::: This Sunday at 11am :::


17th December

Morning Worship

with Rev Steve Stockman

    ::: This Sunday at 7pm :::


17th December
Rhythms & Readings
for Christmas

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