About Us 

Ministry Development Team


We see our role as helping those members of the church who are unsure about where they fit in and what their purpose in life might be. Finding the answer to the question “what’s my herefor?”
We recognise that each individual is unique; each person has talents, abilities, personal preferences, personalities and life experiences.
These factors have been taken into account in the SHAPE programme devised by Saddleback Church where SHAPE stands for:
Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, Experience
The ministry team would like to support people who are seeking to find God’s purpose for them in life, listening to then, asking some questions, sharing a range of options and opportunities and supporting them as they take their first steps.
We also recognise that a ministry is not necessarily for life. People and circumstances change. Some people may need support to try something else for a while or decide to allow them recovery time.
Finally there are a lot of young people in Fitzroy at an age when they are making significant life choices and we might like to think about what we could do to help them through this process.
We would like to have a small library of materials that we could recommend. We are proposing to arrange a short course designed for those who would be interested in exploring God’s purpose for their lives.
Eventually we would like to be able to match people seeking a ministry with opportunities as well as helping the different ministries find the rights sorts of people to use in their areas of work.