About Us 

Mission Development Team


Evangelism, an integral part of everything we do in Fitzroy, encompasses the activities of all members of the Fitzroy family. By word and action, it offers every person and community, everywhere, an opportunity to be challenged to a radical reorientation of their lives. This reorientation involves such things as freedom from sin and its consequences; embracing Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord; becoming a living member of His community, the church; being enlisted into His service of reconciliation, peace and justice on earth; and being committed to God's purpose of placing all things under the rule of Christ.
Evangelism is the responsibility of everyone in the Fitzroy family and can't be delegated to a committee. We are therefore a supporting and coordinating team rather than an action team.
There is evangelism going on at a lot of different levels in Fitzroy.  The Mission Development Team has worked on the Discovering Church Membership course (new members class), has encouraged people involved in Spanish Alpha to move on into a Spanish discipleship course, and is encouraging Nightreach; ongoing work on reconciliation and justice issues; young people with short term mission trips; ongoing work with elderly people in the area. There is an ongoing focus on reaching out to our community in Sunday services.